Holistic as Heck Headquarters

Thinking of attending or hosting an Educational Dinner Party at the HAH Headquarters? Let me tell you a little about my space!

The Holistic as Heck Headquarters are located in west Toronto near Runnymede Station.

For privacy purposes, the exact address is not given until an event has been booked and the deposit has been paid.


  • It is incredibly easy to find!
  • HAH Headquarters are located right on the Bloor Subway line, making it easy to access via TTC. The building itself is about a 60 second walk from the station.
  • For anyone driving in from out of town, HAH Headquarters is about 5 minutes north of the QEW (Lakeshore exit 2 to Windermere from the west; South Kingsway exit from the east).
  • Unfortunately the HAH Headquarters are not wheelchair accessible. However, during warm weather anyone with or without a wheelchair is welcome to book an outdoor event for a picnic-style backyard party, as the backyard is primed for all to roll on in!

Allergies and the HAH Headquarters:

  • There is one beautiful, long-haired cat who lives on site. I vacuum, sweep and dust right before each event, but cat hair is rather a way of life over here. She is low-dander, but she is very much present.
  • HAH HQ cannot accommodate nut allergies. Not only am I nuts, but there are lots of nuts in my kitchen as well. If nuts are a mild allergy for you, then you may choose to attend in-house events at your own risk. If you have a more severe allergy, please do not come to the HAH Headquarters, but rather, allow me to come to you.
  • I do not use dairy products in any recipes.
  • I do not use gluten in my recipes, but there are gluten-containing products in the kitchen space. If you have a severe gluten allergy, please let me to come you rather than you coming into my kitchen.
  • There are no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances used in the space, and I ask that clients and Educational Dinner Partiers abide as well. Please don’t wear synthetic perfume or cologne to the HAH Headquarters. Essential oils and incense are used in the space, but nothing is burned prior to or during HAH events. An essential oil diffuser may be used around an event unless an attendee is sensitive and/or would like me not to.

Other questions? Please contact me!

About Candace Bell

Holistic as heck and herbaciously bodacious, Candace Bell (BA, CNP) is a Toronto-based certified holistic nutritionist and visual artist with a focus on self-empowering re-education, digestive support, and encouraging creativity to become fully alive. Trust your gut and create total health!

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