Women’s Circle

women's circle

What is a Women’s Circle?

A Women’s Circle is a coming together of women in community, celebration, and support. It is a safe space where all participants are equal. It is an honouring of sisterhood and ancient, feminine wisdom.

Why join a Women’s Circle?

We come together to strengthen our emotional reserves; to “fill our wells”; to tend our spiritual gardens; to offer strength to others and to be ourselves fortified. It is a network of strength that you can rely on. It is a way for you to serve the woman you are becoming.

All self-identified women are welcome to join.

Where and When?


After a wonderful year of circles together, as of June 2017, our monthly meet-ups are on hold for the summer. It’s a time of travel and adventuring; of lazing outside and, as much as possible, not knowing (or caring) what day of the week or what time of day it is. Fill your boots!

Our usual location, Vibrant Lifestyle, is closing, and so we will be back in the fall in a new location, still in Toronto’s west end.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to join the mailing list so that you will receive emails about our new home and about when we will be starting up again. (Sign up form is toward the bottom of this page.)

Does it cost anything?

This circle runs on an energy exchange. It doesn’t have to cost you anything.

You may bring a snack to share (vegan and gluten-free is preferable but not enforced), or an object that has symbolic significance to you (could be a rock, flowers, a small artwork, a candle, or anything else you deem appropriate) which you may choose to donate to the circle, or may take home with you again afterwards.

If you forget to bring something, or would prefer not to, you may make a donation ($10 suggested) which will go back into the circle.

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring with you:

  • A journal and a pen (suggested)
  • A blanket or pillow (if you want something soft to sit on)
  • An offering for the circle (please choose one):
    • a snack to share (please try to keep it vegan and gluten-free to serve as many sisters as possible)
    • an object (which you may take home again after) such as a candle, rock, flowers, an image, or any other symbol that feels good to share
    • a donation of $10 which will go back into the circle
    • any other offering that you feel is appropriate

Honour yourself and you sisters, and gift yourself a little Sunday Self-Care. You 100% deserve this.

If you would like to receive e-mails about the women’s circle, please enter your information below, and check the “Women’s Circle” box

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