One-on-one Health Consultations

HAH consultations

Consultations are available over Skype, or in-person in Toronto.

Are you ready to move forward with your health?

I am interested in uncovering what is causing your health issues, and then correcting these underlying causes (rather than merely controlling symptoms), and helping you to understand the whole process. My approach is via self-empowering re-education!

Initial intake sessions allow me to learn about you: your main health concerns, your diet and lifestyle habits, your emotional state and stress levels, your personal health history and family history, your supplementation and medication use, your symptoms, and your health goals. This session typically takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

We will start right away with subtle yet significant changes that you can make to improve your life, and then in further sessions, we will discuss:

  • dietary analysis and recommendations
  • lifestyle recommendations
  • possible deficiencies and potential excesses, systemic imbalances, and metabolic imbalances – as well as why these have likely occurred, what their implications are, and what you can do about it
  • a supplement protocol
  • suggested specific food items and how to use them
  • recipe suggestions with demonstrations as desired
  • creative practices to offer emotional stimulation or release
  • a meal plan, if requested

Through working together, you will come to understand what is occurring, why, and what to do about it; and feel empowered to make the changes necessary to improve your total wellbeing. As your health improves and shifts, we will constantly re-evaluate our approach and tailor your program to your evolving needs.

You are the one with the power to heal yourself, and I am here as an encouraging facilitator, to help move you forward onto the next steps of your health journey. You can totally do this, so long as you’re willing to start. And I have got your back!

To book an appointment or ask any questions, contact me.



  • Initial Assessment (1.5 hours) – $140
  • Follow-up Appointment (30 minutes) – $50
  • Follow-up Appointment (1 hour) – $80


  • 3 SESSION PACKAGE: Initial + 2x 30 minutes – $200 (save $40)
  • 5 SESSION PACKAGE: Initial + 4x 30 minutes – $270 (save $70)
  • 10 SESSION PACKAGE: Initial + 9x 30 minutes – $450 (save $140)

 To book an appointment or ask any questions, contact me.

About Candace Bell

Holistic as heck and herbaciously bodacious, Candace Bell (BA, CNP) is a Toronto-based certified holistic nutritionist and visual artist with a focus on self-empowering re-education, digestive support, and encouraging creativity to become fully alive. Trust your gut and create total health!

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