Educational Dinner Parties

HAH Educational Dinner Parties

Educational Dinner Parties are the most fun way to learn how to make your every day life healthier and better. Come join in the creation of a tasty and healthy meal, while learning how to do it. The why’s and how’s of particular preparation methods and the inclusion of specific ingredients to the exclusion of others will be discussed in detail, so that these ideas can be adopted into your lifestyle and regular cooking at home.

It’s like a Tupperware party, except hands-on, delicious, and holistic-as-heck!


The Dinner Party Package includes:


  • all the groceries for the evening (local and/or organic)
  • a jam-packed booklet of nutrition information that you can put to use RIGHT NOW
  • all the recipes used that evening
  • food-prep/cooking instruction
  • re-education about what to buy, how to buy it, how to eat it, and why
  • 3 hours in which to pick the brain of a holistic nutritionist: ask away!
  • a delicious 5-course feast to nourish you top to bottom, inside and out
  • Kombucha Sangria, Candace’s signature yummy, healthy, wine drink
  • a super-de-duper fun evening

It all happens at the Holistic as Heck Headquarters in West Toronto.

Pricing: only $95 per person


THE OPTIONS: Public or private? 


Come meet a group of like-minded cool cats who want to learn about holistic-as-heck living and toast to good health together. Come by yourself, bring a friend, or bring you mom, your neighbour, your partner, and all your best pals – it’s up to you! Check out the Upcoming Events page to find out when the next public Education Dinner Party is happening, and what we’ll be making.


Create a private party just for you and your own group of friends, where you get to choose the meal and even have the option of making it a themed party. Creative control is yours.  Food and information can be geared toward a specific health condition or concern, specific foods you want to know what to do with, or a specific type of eating (raw, grain-free, anti-inflammatory, vegan, etcetera). Minimum is 6 people; maximum 12 people. Contact me to book your private event.

 Other Holistic-as-Heck cooking class offerings:


  • One-on-one cooking classes, or family/small group
  • The Beginner Dinner (a gentle intro to good eats)
  • Afternoon Groovy Grounding Tea Parties
  • Healthy Desserts Classes
  • Afternoon “Skinny Dippin’” Snack Parties
  • Scrumptious Summer Lunch Parties
  • Bitchin’ Brunch
  • The After After Party (hang-over brunch: let me nurse your brain back to health)
  • Raw “Uncooking” Classes
  • Fermentation Classes
  • Rainbow Sprout kid’s parties

Contact me to book your party or ask any questions!


About Candace Bell

Holistic as heck and herbaciously bodacious, Candace Bell (BA, CNP) is a Toronto-based certified holistic nutritionist and visual artist with a focus on self-empowering re-education, digestive support, and encouraging creativity to become fully alive. Trust your gut and create total health!

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