Welcome. My name is Candace Bell, and I’m a holistic-as-heck nutritionist (CNP), a visual artist (BA), a teacher, and a kitchen witch.

If you ‘re looking for information about the Holistic as Heck Headquarters (the space in which I sometimes offer workshops, Educational Dinner Parties, and consultations), please click here.

If you want more about me, please read on!

The worlds of art & creativity, and health & nutrition are my passions. I studied fine art at McMaster University and continue to create and show artwork in various ways, including private commissions, gallery showings, local markets, in restaurants/cafés/store window displays, and occasionally in TV and film. You can see more about this part of my life at madrabbitart.com

Art was my path – the singular direction I was moving in – or so I thought. After a life-long build-up of unidentified and unaided health problems, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the mid-2000s, and this illness has been my most brutal and powerful of teachers. I very quickly learned a heck of a lot about digestion, about listening to the body’s messages, about personal strength, and about the supreme goodness of people.

It was this illness that inspired me to become a nutritionist. I began attending the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2010, and graduated with honours. It is especially because of my past that I take this work so seriously – I understand both what it is like to feel hopeless in regards to ones health, and also what it is like to feel empowered. And I want to help you find your way from point A to point B as well.

Our deepest wounds can be our greatest gifts, and this is one of mine. I would like to share my hard-earned knowledge with you, to prevent you from entering the dark places of chronic illness, or to help you to navigate and emerge from such darkness if you are already there.

My focus is on digestive health, delicious real food, mindful living, encouraging creativity, alternative or specialized diets, and the transitioning through dietary changes (including gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, paleo, specific carbohydrate diet, low-FODMAP diet, vegetarianism, veganism, and the reintroduction of animal foods).

With dietary restrictions has an ever-shifting constant in my life (starting at early childhood), I have become skilled at adapting and creating recipes, and have become a self-proclaimed Kitchen Witch. For years I have facilitated Educational Dinner Parties in private homes, and have taught cooking classes and workshops in stores, homes, cafés, and schools throughout the greater Toronto area, as well as teaching the Holistic Food Preparation course for the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Over the past few years I have specialized in fermentation.

My devotion to holistic nutrition has not eclipsed my love of art, however. I believe that creativity is part of our human nature: a gift freely given to each of us, available for all to tap into and benefit from. Yet so many of us forget that it is accessible; that it is our birthright; and that we have permission to use it. I am convinced that having a creative outlet is a critical component of one’s total wellbeing. I encourage my clients to engage in creative play for purposes of emotional release, of relaxation, of inner exploration, of deeper meaning and satisfaction in life, for fun, and for the benefit of working that creative muscle – because a muscle it is, and the more you use it, the better you will be able to wield it! Creativity can be found anywhere and applied to anything – it doesn’t have to mean only painting on a canvas, but can also be the energy you bring to gardening, cooking, yoga, or even singing while you clean your home. I think that reconnecting with – and nurturing – this part of yourself is an important aspect of true health.

My approach is education-based, and I love getting people excited about reclaiming their personal power and creating total wellness. I specialize in delicious concoctions, self-empowering re-education, a noisy enthusiasm for eating, giggly times, and cheesy rhymes.

If you’re hip to my jive, and you like the cut of my jib, and you’re picking up what I’m putting down, then consider contacting me for an appointment and a pot of tea.

You can do this. You can feel better. You can be happier. All you have to do right now is to choose it, and begin. One step at a time, friends.

I wish you light in your eyes, an itch in your feet, calm in your mind, love in your heart, peace and coconut cookies in your belly, and a smile on your lips.

The kettle is ready. I can’t wait to meet you.